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Heart of the Wyrm


The journey for the Heart of the Wyrm is a dangerous pilgrimage that takes the main Character through the five stages of grief. This growth towards acceptance will be reflected in not just design, but also in story as she discovered how the world around her suffers as she does.

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Creature Busts



A small theropod scavenger that infests

Old King Bara's cathedral. They hop around feeding on wildlife that succumbs to the rot of the Maboya Bog

Spotted Sicaya


A nocturnal freshwater predator that glides through the great river leading to Ceiba's village, hunting for prey.

Goliath Bufomander


A large amphibian with an even bigger appetite. When not actively hunting, they lazily sleep in large piles beneath the bubbling Bure'n Slopes.



Vibrantly colored herbivores that travel in great herds across flowered fields. They're known to show great intelligence and complex emotion.