Goliath Bufomander 

(Kryptolingua - Veranibufo)

A stout and stocky predator, the Goliath Bufomander waddles through geyser fields, lashing it's long, sticky tongue at anything that it can swallow. The bulbous pores on it's skin secret a rank chemical deterrent.


Goliath Bufomander

  • This maquette is sculpted out of super sculpey, painted and sealed with acrylics, and fitted with glass eyes and genuine eel teeth with moss lining around the base of the neck.

    • OVERALL SIZE: 11.8" x 11.8" x 12"
    • BASE: Walnut veneer base is 13.625" in diameter and 0.85" thick.

    Sculpture is attached firmly to base, dome is removeable for open viewing.

    Dome is easily cleaned with any glass cleaner after safe removal, while base can be carefully cleaned with any disinfecting wipes or a light dusting.

    Sculpture can be cleaned by dusting, but do so at your own risk.

    The plastic drool is extremely delicate and can snap easily.

    Keeping the glass dome on will minimize the need for cleaning the actual sculpture.