In a futuristic Sci-Fi world ravaged by a horror descending from outer space and into the sea, 5 fully playable heroes must ban together to embark on a quest through monster-infested environments to save the world from the dreaded Starspawn.

Entering the Sunken City
Delving Deeper
The Ruins of Ryl'eh
Encountering the Starspawn
Wideshot of alternate arena
Starspawn first form
Starspawn second form
Starspawn final form
Scavenger Character Class
Scavengers' Stigisect (Cucu)
Stigisect Anatomy Shot


The Cordyfolma are Fungal/Animal hybrids, which possess a variety of different varients and abilities within their species, even to the point of sentience and possessing a developed "written" language. The ravenous horde is the greatest threat to their own planet.

Cordyfolma Design concepts

Basic Rules of

Outer Horror Summoning

A young boy named Macu' is obsessed with the newly discovered art of summoning creatures from other dimensions, but when his interest leads him to summoning a creature of his own, he'll need the help of his big sister to clean up the mess.

RGB and Bit

After being shut down for hundreds of years, RGB the robot wakes up to find himself in a strange new future with an outdated GPS and less-than-trendy clothes. Luckily, he was revived by Bit, an emotional charging robot with advanced AI, and the two of them set off as newfound friends on a quest to find RGB a charging cable.