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The Scavenger Class - 
Lightweight, adaptable, ranged combat

Scavenger 1.png

The Scavenger Class revolves around makeshift weapons, resourcefulness, and survivability. Her home was destroyed by the impact of The Falling Star as a child, sinking it into the sea and resulting in her growing up living among the monster-infested ruins of the badlands. She's a brilliant marksman, brutal fighter, and a quick-witted crafter.

Equipment Design


Cucu the Strigisect - 
Airborne, Nocturnal, Scout

Cucu 1.png

Gameplay Mechanics


Her best friend and invaluable asset is a small creature called the Strigisect, one of the many extra dimensional monsters which appeared after the Star Fell. 

After meeting as children, she has since named it "Cucu". It possesses many useful abilities such as gathering food, scouting for items or monsters, or even attacking and distracting enemies. The two are an inseparable pair and survive in the badlands together.


Ancient, Nightmare, Outer God

Multi-phase Boss

   It's body burned up and hardened from falling through the atmosphere, acting as a virtual tomb, hiding it's true form from the unsuspecting fools that dare challenge it's horrifying power. Only those worthy of challenging an Outer God have the right to gaze upon it's bioluminescent horror and hear the murmurs of it's ultimate goal: to spread it's maddening influence across the galaxy.

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          The dreaded Starspawn, Lord of Terror, is a cosmic deity which crash landed into Earth's sea after being cast out of the cosmos during a great intergalactic war. Unconsious, but not dead, it used dreams to manipulate the human world above into doing it's bidding, tearing open a rift to it's world and unleashing a miasma of madness and monsters.