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Work Experience

Lead Artist, Phantom Vox Studios- 2014-Present

My responsibilities for this project were to provide character, vehicle, and creature designs as well as storyboarding for 2 animated short films over the course of multiple years.

Assorted freelance jobs – 2012—Present

Assorted design jobs which cover a wide variety of visual development. 

Teaching Assistant for Character Design and Character Maquette – 2015—2017

Built my abilities to teach as well as provide constructive, positive critiques to better the overall project being worked on.


Brainstorm School, Burbank, CA

Led a team of 5 artists in the design of a potential video game project competing against two other teams of 5. We won most original concept.

- Conceptualized aesthetic, art direction, and overall story and classes of characters

Thinkwell Group, Los Angeles, CA- 2018

Brought on as a Freelance Artist to assist in a variety of projects

- Concept and Illustration

Framestore, Culver City, CA- 2018

Brought on as a Concept Design Intern to work on a variety of different projects

- Concept Design, Illustration, Digital Sculpting, Storyboarding

Framestore, Culver City, CA- 2018

Returning as a Concept Artist to work on a new project alongside the CG team

- 360° Concept Art, Storyboarding, VR ideation


Art Director, Phantom Vox Studios- 2018-2019

Returning as a lead Artist to establish designs for characters, environments, and storyboards for animated narrative music videos.