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Cathedral of the Maboya Bog.jpg

Character Design

Heart of The Wyrm

The journey for the Heart of the Wyrm is a pilgrimage that will take the main Character through not only unknown and perilous lands, but also the five stages of grief.

This growth towards acceptance will be reflected in not just design, but also in story as she discovered how the world around her suffers as she does.



Cathedral of the Maboya Bog.jpg

The Cordyfolma

The Cordyfolma are Fungal/Animal fusions, arising from spores that combined with animal DNA, representing an entirely separate branch of life. All Cordyfolma are Polymorphic, meaning that individuals within colonies vary greatly in size and shape, yet they operate with a loose hive mind, similar to ants, and are all influenced by the collective will of the spores. This expanded sentience classifies them as a Super Organism.


Physical exposure to any individual spreads the fungus, so the Cordyfolma act as a warfaring hoard, hunting down any organisms in their migratory paths and consuming their fluids to keep the animal bodies that the spores inhabit alive.

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