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Kornunos 1st Form.jpg

Videogame concepts


A Lovecraftian/Cyberpunk reimagining of Diablo 2

This was a collaborative effort, as every member of the team contributed not only a Boss, but also a Class the player would be able to choose. I moved forward with the SCAVENGER class, and for my boss, The STARSPAWN, The final boss equivalent of Diablo for our redesign.





Vaatividya's Elden Ring Boss Contest

Popular Souls YouTuber, Vaatividya, hosted a contest searching for the best speculative bosses for the now critically acclaimed game Elden Ring. I contributed a boss design based on Norse Mythology as well as Celtic influences while also taking into account gameplay mechanics that could have been present, since the contest was held 7 Months before gameplay was even officially released.


Bloodborne Sequel Exercise

This was an exercise in speculative game design for a Bloodborne sequel, including designs and concept work for a new starting armor set, weapons, and world building. The game in a way developed into what I wanted Elden Ring to be when I was waiting for that gameplay trailer...

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