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Voskos the Cyclops

Voskos the Cyclops, the sole son of Polyphemus, inherited his father’s herd of sheep and ejoys the simple life of a shepherd, taking in the beauty of nature and feasting on wayward sailors.

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(Majaridae - Mucaruicus)

The deadly Maja-muca stalks dense jungles and fields of long grass in groups, bringing down large prey by biting exposed areas. They also possess  a potent anti-coagulant saliva that causes heavy bleeding.

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(galeaminops - robustus)

The brilliantly colored Laminops roams open plains in mighty herds. Led by a matriarch, the herd watches over their own and protects calfs with organized defense, blocking them off from predators.

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Spotted River Sicaya 

(riocajayas - tiburonidae)

While the Spotted River Sicaya is the smallest species of it's genus, it's still an impressive 35 feet long. This ambush predator is highly aggressive and frequently engages in vicious combat with rivals.

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Goliath Bufomander 

(Kryptolingua - Veranibufo)

A stout and stocky predator, the Goliath Bufomander waddles through geyser fields, lashing it's long, sticky tongue at anything that it can swallow. The bulbous pores on it's skin secret a rank chemical deterrent.

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