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An animated Short Film

When Catalina develops a crush on a girl in her Quinceañera court, her fingernails grow at a superhuman pace — a blessing in Black and Latina beauty culture, but a curse for a lesbian (at first glance). A whimsical, intersectional, and uplifting coming-of-age story.

Written and Directed by - Eliana Pipes

Art Direction and Storyboards by - Revel Rosa


Tu Lado Oscuro is an animated music video, the third installment of videos belonging to the 

'Monte Sagrado' line of music videos by the singer/songwriter, Draco Rosa.

Animation done by

 Directed by - Redamo Rosa

Art Direction and Storyboards by - Revel Rosa

Draco Rosa - Tu Lado Oscuro (Official Video)

Draco Rosa - Tu Lado Oscuro (Official Video)

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An animated Music Video

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Foggy Forest

Talking To Me

Live-Action Storyboards

Talking To Me is a proof of concept film about a serial killer who begins to hear his newest victim talking to him, causing him to question his sanity and ultimately his motives.

 Original Concept by - Wrenfield Productions

Storyboards by - Revel Rosa